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All about ME ME ME!
Ok so I'm a 66 year old man who lives in Nort Carolina. Lets see......oh yeah I guess you could
say that I am the Casanova of the computer world. I have ladies lined up tring to get the chance to talk to me, but i have my heart set on just one and her name is Regina. My grandson thinks I'm a fool because I got my ear pierced, but someone told me I would look good like that so I did it! I think I'm going to keep it though because every day I hear new comments from the ladies. Well I'm 3\4 Cherokee. I'm 5'7" and I weigh 180 pounds(shut up!). I have black hair with a touch of grey. I like to travel with my grandson(he keeps me from getting lost). I am a retired Los Angeles police officer, and now I live in North Carolina and i work in a convinient store as a clerk. Oh yeah I love to ride my horses. So anyway e-mailme>

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